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Can we trust God to give us our expected end?

God told Abraham that through his offspring all the nations would be blessed. God promised Abraham he would have a son, an heir through whom to pass his inheritance and blessing to future generations. But Abraham was 100 years old: his wife Sara was 90 years old and barren.

Sarah came up with a plan: through her hand maiden Hagar, Abraham would have his firstborn son. Abraham went along with the plan and Ishmael was born. But God told Abraham that his covenant would be with the Abraham’s son born to Sarah not Hagar.

What did Ishmael do wrong? Was he a man like Cain, bitter, disobedient, and full of hate? No God blessed Ishmael in Chapter 16,17, and 21. It says that God was with the lad. His presence, his provision, his protection, his guidance was with Ismael, but his covenant was through Isaac, the son of the promise. Continue reading

The Offering of Cain: The Beauty of a Pure Heart

Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel. Some believe that Cain and Abel were twins, Cain being the oldest. This is based this upon Genesis chapter 4:1 where it says that Eve conceived and bore Cain. In verse 2 Eve bore again his brother Abel but the word conceived is not used.

At any rate, Cain was the firstborn. Cain followed his father Adams profession and was a farmer. Brother Abel raised sheep. At a certain time, the boys presented their gifts to God. Abel offered the firstborn of his flock. Cain brought God an offering from the fruit of the soil. God respected – had regard for or looked with favor upon — Abel’s offering but not Cain’s.

Cain and Abel. Twin boys. Same parents. Same religious upbringing. They must have known what God expected as far as offerings were concerned. Cain brought the fruits of his labor, Abel brought his. Yet Abel’s was accepted, Cain’s wasn’t. Why? Continue reading