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Healing Prayer: Depression

My Father in heaven. Precious Holy Spirit within, to you belongs all the honor and glory and praise.

I am immersed from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet in your love. You are omnipresent: Your love for me is visible everywhere I look. I can’t escape your love. I can’t see past your love. I can’t look beneath or over it. I feel your embrace in my spirit.

In my spirit man, I will forever praise my God and Savior – yet part of me is downcast and disturbed. I will align my mind and my body and my soul with my spirit. I will trust in your word. Your word is truth. Your word is life. Your words comfort and build me up.

Your word says that I am beloved. I am your child. I am your righteousness. I am holy, a saint, a priest, and a minister in your kingdom.

Your words assure me that you care for my every need. I am not anxious over food, or clothing, or shelter – these things you provide. You desire that I live a full abundant life. That I enjoy this life in the flesh which is a blessing here and now. You desire that I prosper and be in health.

I can lay all my worries and troubles at your feet in prayer because I know you care for me. You answer all my prayers because I ask according to your will and in faith.

You O Lord, are a shield of protection for me. You are my glory. Your lift my head up out of despair. I cry out to you and you hear me. I lay down to rest and you give me sweet sleep. I wake up refreshed and expecting because you sustain me.

There are many troubles, problems, difficulties, annoyances, calamities about me. Others may think it is hopeless, but I do not. Others may want to give up. But I will not. Others will doubt your presence but I will praise your name.
I am not afraid though evil appears to strike from every corner. I am a citizen  Your kingdom. You are the only God and the only Power. And I am your precious one.

If I am troubled, I know my afflictions are only the pathway to an even greater  and eternal glory. I don’t faint nor give up because inwardly, I am being renewed.  I don’t look on circumstances and that which can be seen, but on things eternal.

My hope in you Lord is my anchor and my foundation. My eyes are opened. I know the hope of your calling. I bask and I revel and I give thanks for the glory and the riches that are mine as an inheritance of the saints.

To You belong all the glory and honor and praise.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like:

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man
Struggling past and present associations who try to replace the dominate role God and family should have in his life.
One day he yields to the gentle prodding of the Spirit and who, though  late in life, begins to live a fulfilling, abundant, and rewarding life he could never have dreamed of.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a woman
A woman who was hurt and torn by parents and siblings who seemed to be so needy but beyond her ability to help. But who resolves to raise her children up in the fear and admonition of the Lord

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a young woman
who has witness devastating turmoil in her family. Unfaithfulness, selfishness, bitterness, lack of love. But she looks within finds the God given strength to smile. To excel at school. To pray and meditate upon the word. She has learned that there is one who will never leave her nor forsake her. Who has nothing but thoughts of love and peace towards her and promises her a future and a hope.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a woman
who is little in her own eyes but who allows the very big God within her to guide here and direct her as she works as a resource and a consolation to people all over the community.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man
who faces a number of mountain high obstacles to enjoying a peaceful, productive, and spiritual life for himself and his children. Though at times the the way seems dim, he does not give up. He trusts in God who is working within and so he keeps fighting, he keeps struggling. As as he does, the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter and brighter and larger and larger and nearer and nearer.

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a woman
who as struggled with past relationships and been hurt. Though the hurt was in a public fashion, she did not withdraw into the shadows, but launched a church and a ministry which is poised to bless the world.

What is your parable of the Kingdom?