Healing Prayer: Fibromyalgia

My Prayer for Healing

My Father in heaven. Precious Holy Spirit within, to you belongs all the honor and glory and praise.

  • I sanctify my mind soul and body– My spirit already belongs to you.
  • I set apart my  mind soul and body– My spirit already belongs to you.
  • I reserve for your use and your good pleasure my mind soul and body– My spirit already belongs to you.
  • I trust you with my my mind soul and body– My spirit already belongs to you.

My faith is is in you. You have proved yourself faithful. You have been merciful, gracious, generous, loving, caring, nurturing and a patient Father to me. You have been my provider and my source. You have met my needs.
You Abba, know me as intimately as is possible because your Spirit is within me.

  • If I had any limitations, you would know.
  • If I had any weakness, you would know.
  • If I was truly unworthy, you would know.
  • If I was defective and unfit,you would know.

Your word Abba tells me That I am precious in your sight. I am accepted in the beloved. My spirit agrees. I am more than a conqueror through Christ. I am a king and a priest. I am a child of God, joint heir with Jesus.

I am righteous. IN Christ, sin has been dealt with. My sins no longer are a barrier to your love and Acceptance in me. Jesus made this possible. Nothing can separate my from your love.

As a citizen of your kingdom, I have nothing to fear. In my Father’s kingdom, there is only one power – any other power exists only in my mind. Demons are powerless against me. I can cast down and cast aside so-called powers and principalities. I have only to submit to God and resist the devil. That being called  Satan, Lucifer, the Serpent will flee if I but resist him.

If God is on my side, what can men, angels, demons, terrorists, liars, gossipers, schemers, racists, sexists, or any thing do to me?

I will use the spiritual weapon you have graciously blessed me with to cast down every argument or imagination or thought which says to me that:

  • The Word of My Father is not true.
  • That He does not love me
  • That I am not His child
  • That Jesus death and His life was not sufficient to deliver me out of the kingdom of darkness.
  • That God does not hear my prayers.
  • That even if God hears my prayers, He will not answer
  • That God is not my comfort and consolation
  • That God has anything but thoughts of peace towards me: to give me and expected end.
  • That my Father cannot and will not supply all my needs according to his riches in glory.

Whenever a thought comes to my mind that I cannot absolutely, positively, completely, without reservation rely up you for my EVERY NEED, I will cast the thought down., trample upon it, cut it into shreds, grind it to powder, burn it and scatter the ashes to the winds.

There is only one King in My Father’s Kingdom.  And to him belongs  glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

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  1. Awesome prayer to release the power of Christ in your life. Speak it, pray it, know it, own it. All praise and glory to our mighty Jesus – through Him ALL things are possible!

  2. Iwould like to order this book on Fibromagilia. Please e-mail me back so I can order. (904) 381-9302, or call. Please

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