Healing Prayer: Church Hurt

Abba, Father

To you belong all the power and all the glory. There is no God but you. You are everything to me. Master, Saviour, Redeemer, Healer, Comforter, Teacher, Friend, Father, and Protector.

I come before you with a heavy heart. Emotions well up inside me and I am afraid they may boil over into words and actions I do not intend. I place these at your feet. I place them at your feet knowing that you care for me and that You are touched by my wounds and my tears. In Jesus, you experienced hurt from those you loved. You know how it feels to be rejected by your own. Through Jesus, you  share in my sufferings.

Through Christ, you have borne my griefs and sorrows. Through your Spirit, you guide and instruct me. Through our word you console me. You have promised to fight my battles and I turn command over to you as Commander-In-Chief. You alone see beyond the visible. You know the fate of those who war against me.

In Christ, I am a new creature. The old way of living is gone. I no longer look to others for approval, status, or meaning, but I accept that I am who you say I am:  Beloved, a son or daughter, a priest, your righteousness, your heir, a citizen of your kingdom, the apple of your eye.

I accept who I am. A child of the God who is pure, unadulterated love. I will manifest this kind of  love everywhere, anytime, to everyone, and in every situation. I will never return evil for evil for I am one who blesses rather than condemns.  I will not return curses for reviling, but I will pray for everyone. I will fight the impulse to retaliate when I am  stricken and wounded.  Instead, I will nurse the wounds of others – especially those in the family of God.

This is hard for me. I can not do it on my own. I await a quickening from your Holy Spirit. I await your power from on high to fill me and strengthen me to resist the temptations of Satan. I even have power over my tongue. That small but powerful lump of flesh which can destroy or build up,  agitate or comfort, wound or heal.

I am aware of the deceitful ways of Satan. I have only to resist him and he will flee. He is defeated. Christ crushed his head. Like Jesus, he has nothing over me. Let him slither away to wait for that opportune time which I know will never come.

I have three weapons against which Satan is powerless. I can have compassion upon those who mistreat me. I forgive those who have wounded me, and I pray for those who curse and use me.

Abba Father, if there is anything within me which is holding me back from walking in the Spirit fully, reveal it to me. Purge me. Wash me with hyssop. Not for my sins – praise you, they were dealt with on the cross – but renew in me a right mind and spirit. Let no bitter root take hold in me.

I will guard my heart. I will not let the self  the flesh rule over me. Anger will not rule. Shame will not rule. Hurt will not rule, Disappointment with mere men will not move me. But I will manifest the fruit of the spirit:
Love,  joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and  self-control.

I will be: patient, kind,  not envious. not a braggart,  not puffed up or self absorbed; not rude, not self-serving,  not easily angered nor resentful.

I will look beyond me and fight any injustice with love. I will rejoice in the truth.  I will bear, believe, hope and, endure all things.

Your Love for me is long and wide and deep and high and it never ends. I thank you. I am grateful for your mercy and kindness because you have not dealt with me as I deserve but according to your grace.

In Jesus Name, Amen