Healing Prayer: Cancer

Abba, Father

To you belong all the power and all the glory. There is no God but you.
My Yesha.  God who saves. My salvation.  Yshw’ah. Yahweh is Salvation.

You are my Father and Lord, My Protector and my Guide. You are the Good shepherd who attends to me, a the speckled and spotted lamb that you loved, delivered and placed in your flock. I have no lack. I am safe from all enemies.

You direct my path. I am not worried about my destination: You will never mislead me or misguide me. Where ever you take me I am willing to follow. For I know I will find there love, peace, and consolation.

If I come to you with my soul  heavy with the cares of this world, you will lighten my load. If I am weary of crying, you will wipe away every tear. If I am weakened and distraught from sickness and disease, you will lift up my head and speak to my spirit hope and deliverance

In Spirit, I am healed from all afflictions. I am a holy, pure, spotless soul redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb.

In my darkest moments you are there. When  men can offer me no hope, you are my hope and my refuge. I can not fear any evil because I am not alone. The Omnipotent one is by my side. I am not afraid of the terrors in the daytime nor the pestilence lurking in the darkness. There is no demon, no disease, no disaster you cannot deliver me from.

In the midst of my trial your Spirit flows over my like anointing oil. You are training me for battle. You are preparing me to war against every power, every principality, every thought, every imagination which would dare exalt its self against the knowledge of God. My thoughts imprison and make them obedient under the Anointed One, Christ.

I know you have wonderful plans for my life. I have a future and a hope. There is much for me to do and to be here on this earth. I long to be with you, Lord, but it is needful that I remain and be a blessing to the body and to those who you have purposed I minister to.  My best days are now and tomorrow.

In Jesus’ name, Amen