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True Male Enhancement

My topic to day is Male Enhancement. I have given this topic more thought than perhaps I should. As I get older,  I often look over my life: where I am now, and I see that  not only am I not the man I once was. Actually, I probably never was the man I once was. I often compared myself to certain public figures I admired: Muhammad Ali, Wilt Chamberlain, Jimi Hendrix.  Larger than life figures. By comparison to them, I always came up short.

But then I saw these Ads on TV and in the magazines Ads for “Male enhancement  pills.” You know the ones I mean. They promise to enlarge my appeal with women and my standing among men. A Chrysler 300M or an Escalade with 22 inch rims.  Fine homes, fine cars, fine clothing, big screen TV. Must haves for a player ( retired player I might add) A beautiful Beyonce-style trophy wife or girlfriend. A few  women on the side.  All this I needed to be a real man in this society. And it could all  be mine if I would just take that little pill. Continue reading