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Healing Words: Financial Woes

Abba Father,

Gracious, merciful Father in Heaven. To whom can we compare you? There is no other God. There is no other Power. You and you nature are the principle upon which this Universe is built. You are love. Love is built into the fabric of space-time. It is not limited by time nor distance.

You are not remote from me. You are within me. You surround me. You are the ground upon which I step. You are the force which gives me life. Without your Spirit, I am just flesh and bones, dust and water.

I look about me at the beauty of your creation. I see you at work in the wonders of the universe. I see in the diversity of life upon this planet. I see you in the changing of the color of the leaves. I see in the process in which the seasons change but nature changes from one form of beauty to another.

I am honored that you have taken up residence within me.  I long to be a fit temple for your presence. I daily renew my mind that my affections are turned less towards the things this fleeting world has to offer me and more and more toward the eternal things of the Kingdom of Heaven.

It is my heart’s desire that your kingdom manifest on earth as it does in Heaven. My hope is that your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I seek after the treasure that is your presence, your righteousness, your shalom. You peace which I cannot get my mind around now, but I hope to. I hope to be able to grasp it if it is possible. I hope to be able to preach it as Jesus Did. That your peace, your shalom, your Kingdom is here, right now.

Father, I cast all my worries about my finances at your feet. Guide me in the way I should go to meet my obligations. Point me in the direction of the resources I need. Bless me with the power to get wealth that I may in turn be a blessing to others.

I thank you for your provision. I thank you that you care not just about my spiritual riches, but you desire that I prosper in this earth plane as well. I am confident that there is no limit to your ability or willingness to meet my every need. There are no shortages in the Kingdom. There is no rationing nor apportionments. Bless me father, Bless me Indeed.

I know however, that my true treasure is within this jar of clay. Your precious Holy Spirit. Thank you for your Son through whom this gift is made possible.

In Jesus name, Amen

Healing Prayer: Depression

My Father in heaven. Precious Holy Spirit within, to you belongs all the honor and glory and praise.

I am immersed from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet in your love. You are omnipresent: Your love for me is visible everywhere I look. I can’t escape your love. I can’t see past your love. I can’t look beneath or over it. I feel your embrace in my spirit.

In my spirit man, I will forever praise my God and Savior – yet part of me is downcast and disturbed. I will align my mind and my body and my soul with my spirit. I will trust in your word. Your word is truth. Your word is life. Your words comfort and build me up.

Your word says that I am beloved. I am your child. I am your righteousness. I am holy, a saint, a priest, and a minister in your kingdom.

Your words assure me that you care for my every need. I am not anxious over food, or clothing, or shelter – these things you provide. You desire that I live a full abundant life. That I enjoy this life in the flesh which is a blessing here and now. You desire that I prosper and be in health.

I can lay all my worries and troubles at your feet in prayer because I know you care for me. You answer all my prayers because I ask according to your will and in faith.

You O Lord, are a shield of protection for me. You are my glory. Your lift my head up out of despair. I cry out to you and you hear me. I lay down to rest and you give me sweet sleep. I wake up refreshed and expecting because you sustain me.

There are many troubles, problems, difficulties, annoyances, calamities about me. Others may think it is hopeless, but I do not. Others may want to give up. But I will not. Others will doubt your presence but I will praise your name.
I am not afraid though evil appears to strike from every corner. I am a citizen  Your kingdom. You are the only God and the only Power. And I am your precious one.

If I am troubled, I know my afflictions are only the pathway to an even greater  and eternal glory. I don’t faint nor give up because inwardly, I am being renewed.  I don’t look on circumstances and that which can be seen, but on things eternal.

My hope in you Lord is my anchor and my foundation. My eyes are opened. I know the hope of your calling. I bask and I revel and I give thanks for the glory and the riches that are mine as an inheritance of the saints.

To You belong all the glory and honor and praise.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.