Shlomo Speaks: Faith without works is dead

He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread; But he that followeth after vain persons is void of understanding.
Proverbs 12:11

I know you are rapt with the teachings of “The Secret.” Indeed some of what is taught is in line with what is revealed in the scriptures. Yes, God is kind and generous and wants to bless his children. It is His intention that none of His people would be in need. Remember the story of how the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness all those many years? Did God not feed them with manna from heaven. Did He not preserve their clothing and shoes. Did He not also provide fresh water for the people and the live stock?

It seems to me that the teachers of “The Secret” would have you to think that you must only believe and not doubt and God will give you what you ask. If it were only so! Respect God before all else. God is not a Genie (Jinn). He is not an impersonal substance whose only purpose is to cater to my every whim.

No, the way of God is that you:

  • Trust implicitly in Him as your provider
  • Learn of His ways and His nature
  • Ask what you will of Him
  • Believe He is willing to bless you
  • Act upon your belief by giving thanks and working out your answer

What do I mean by working out your answer. The children of Israel had to gather the manna six days a week. Moses had to strike the rock for water. Israel had to travel 40 years to reach the good land.

In the passage at the beginning of this article, the Hebrew word that was translated “vain” is rake. It means empty, idle, or worthless. The idle are devoid of the understanding in the ways of God. They have part of the picture but are missing the canvas and the frame. As Yaakov HaTsaddik (James the righteous, brother of Jesus) said, “Faith without works is dead.”

Do you want more money? Ask God. Believe He will give your the power to become wealthy. Thank Him for His blessing. Begin to look around you for the ways in which the money could be coming: investment tips, business opportunities, new jobs or promotions, etc. Act upon opportunities that come your way. Become generous and bless others.

Have the faith of the farmer who buys seed, tills and fertilizes the ground, plants the seed, weeds and waters the field then, waits. The farmer does all that is within his power to perform and trust God to do what he cannot: grow the crop. Ask God. Believe you will receive. Prepare for your harvest! Begin living your life as if you have what you ask for.