Shlomo Speaks: The Daily Embrace of Wisdom

Blessed is the man that heareth me, Watching daily at my gates, Waiting at the posts of my doors. Proverbs 8:34

Each day begins in ritual. The planting of feet on the floor. Ablutions. The first cup of coffee. Before I set my face towards the day’s obligations, I pause to appreciate fully the resources I have at my disposal. Words inspired by the One who designed my brain and crafted the template for my soul. I step back and meditate upon the Word of God. I drink from the limitless Fountain of Wisdom and Truth.

Reflecting upon my life, I review in my mind the things He has done for me. I thank him for where I am at this moment and I praise Him in advance what He will do. This is my practice. This is my custom: to daily drink at the fountain of Wisdom.

The Word of God is a lamp unto my feed and light unto my path. I will begin each day with contemplation. I will ruminate upon Your Word. Teach me Lord. Infuse me with understanding. Instill within my heart Your Precepts. Ground me in Your Righteousness. Saturate me with Your Peace.

And as I go about my day permeated by Your Holy Spirit, I will be confident, fearless, at peace with myself and the world. This is my portion from God: This is the fruit of Wisdom.

Carnival of the Redeemed

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